What We Do

Our project aims to find and encourage promising young girls in Ghana, Africa and the globe, who express aptitude and potential. We then continue to provide a nurturing environment to expose them to IT and coding in a way that is accessible and exciting from an early age, through our After school coding bootcamp.

We host an annual Girl Talk Summit where we invite young female STEM students in the university with good academic standing across the country together with renowned speakers to provide insights and guidance tips on personal and career development as well as technical skills and knowledge. These events are on top crowned with giveaways of tech freebies such as laptops, tablets, etc.

Our "hire for impact program" pairs high performing university students to small businesses and startups locally and internationally, for student internships to help these students develop industry required skills and expertise.

Our mentoring program is geared towards connecting young female students in the university to mentors both locally and internationally to help steer their STEM career paths.

With your support we can provide greater opportunities to girls who love STEM and discover a life-changing passion.

Our Mission

Empowering underprivileged girls in Africa through IT literacy, to be tomorrow's STEM leaders.

Our Vission

To champion efforts for IT literacy in Africa, ensuring women are equipped with the right skill sets to pursue STEM related careers.

What we aspire to Achieve

  • Provide more remote job opportunities for our community of tech volunteers

  • Enroll selected participants onto our programme

  • Identify and engage with key stakeholders

  • Source funding for the programme

  • Purchase computers and other related logistics to help participants commence their training

  • Monitor and evaluate progress of participants over time

  • training of volunteers and I.C.T teachers to teach I.C.T in the communities and schools

  • Providing IT infrastructure