Her-Ability starts with you.


Our Story

We are a social enterprise aiming to increase the representation of females pursuing STEM subjects and careers. Inspired by the discrimination affecting females secluded from active IT teaching and learning programs and its related fields in underserved communities in Ghana. 

Carl Asamoah, the founder, set out to increase girls' participation in STEM education, especially at the foundation level. This is based on research confirming the relative ease for children to learn difficult concepts, further instiling a lifelong passion for Technology through our After school coding bootcamp, as evident from our founder's personal development growing up. 

Siscode/GH works closely with promising young girls in Ghana, Africa and the globe, who express aptitude and potential to provide a nurturing environment to expose them to IT and coding in a way that is accessible and exciting from their formative years.

Our organisation is very keen on capacity building of the youth, particularly females. It is achieving this through our "hire for impact" initiative, which provides overseas and local remote internship opportunities which aim to expose these students to current industry exposure and expertise whilst providing support to startups and small businesses concurrently. Siscode's mentoring program additionally supports this initiative. 

Additionally, we host an annual Girl Talk Summit inviting female university students studying STEM subjects and of good academic standing from all over the country. These select group of students engage with renowned speakers who provide insight and guidance tips on personal and career development as well as technical skills and knowledge acquisition, in other words, what it means to be a woman breaking through in Tech. Tech freebies, such as laptops, tablets, etc., are awarded to the best participating students during the event.

Join us as we change the lives of many young females, and ensure 1 million females in Africa develop digital skills by 2030 that will ensure their employability and the assured road to financial freedom.

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